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Stop Starving Yourself

“Research has shown that exerting self-control makes people more likely to behave aggressively toward others and people on diets are known to be irritable and quick to anger,” the authors explain. The researchers found that people who exerted self-control were more likely to prefer anger-themed movies, were more interested in looking at angry facial expressions, were more persuaded by anger-framed appeals, and expressed more irritation at a message that used controlling language to convince them to change their exercise habits. Continue reading

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What else causes cravings? Habits can cause cravings. If you are used to eating certain kinds of foods, then your body is likely to call for its daily or hourly dose in the form of a craving. Removing habitually craved food takes a weaning process or you can just remove it and go cold turkey. The latter is likely to leave you feeling deprived. Being deprived of foods you enjoy, however, is another cause of cravings. Continue reading

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