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Midlife crisis; Anorexia later in life….

“Most physicians are not asking the right questions to their patients about why they are losing weight”. The issues that you’re dealing with early in life are completely different than the issues that you are experiencing in middle life or towards the end of your life. You want to get everybody on board to help the person with the eating disorder. Continue reading

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Stop Starving Yourself

“Research has shown that exerting self-control makes people more likely to behave aggressively toward others and people on diets are known to be irritable and quick to anger,” the authors explain. The researchers found that people who exerted self-control were more likely to prefer anger-themed movies, were more interested in looking at angry facial expressions, were more persuaded by anger-framed appeals, and expressed more irritation at a message that used controlling language to convince them to change their exercise habits. Continue reading

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Best Foods that Fill You Up and Boost Your Metabolism

What you’re about to read here may change the way you think about food. Yes, once you see the facts, you’ll realize that most of the products on the grocery shelves don’t fit your biology. Most of today’s dietary products … Continue reading

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Taking the Radio Show to a Podcast.

Please let me know your thoughts: This episode is focused on solution focused weight loss.
Susan Ward is the creator of “weight matters” and it is a licensed psychotherapist, a weight coach and an expert in treating weight and eating disorders. Continue reading

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