Midlife crisis; Anorexia later in life….

Eating disorders in middle to late life.  Why are individuals becoming anorexic at a late age when they should know better?
Generally anorexia is a eating disorder that impacts girls in their teenage years but now we are seeing individuals later in life developing eating disorders specifically anorexia later in life.
The ideal woman is becoming thinner and thinner. If you look at the Miss America pageant from the 1950s the women were more voluptuous if you look at Marilyn Monroe she was not a stick figure of a woman she would have been considered more of a full figured woman. One of the biggest changes that occurred was when the model Twiggy from the UK came out and some would describe her as emaciated looking. That image began to change the image of feminine beauty.

Eating disorders usually occurs over a loss:

The issues that you’re dealing with early in life are completely different than the issues that you are experiencing in middle life or towards the end of your life. Some of the issues that you would be having our whether not you’re going to be able to afford to retire, career orientated issues work related issues. True health issues, that impact or cause you to look at your mortality. Your children leaving home.

With the focus typically on obesity women that are experiencing these types of health challenges are usually under– diagnosed if not completely ignored.

NBC News:

Going from being a young woman to being a middle-aged mom and putting on some pounds causes some women to infantilize being in their youth and they find themselves obsessed with losing the weight so that they can look younger.

Great article by:   Kathryn Zerbe, MD – The (Critic)al Issue of Weight Bias

“Most physicians are not asking the right questions to their patients about why they are losing weight”.

It is important to separate the true physical challenges of losing weight like cancer etc. and being able to understand if it’s an emotional way of losing weight for examples using illegal substances weight loss pills, extreme dieting. Him

If you have a family member who is involved in anorexia you may want to go with them to the physician.

You want to get everybody on board to help the person with the eating disorder.

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