Standing up for myself.

My employing assertive behavior is a sign that I truly love and respect myself. My statements always begin with the word “If’ thereby asserting my rights and beliefs. It reflects my sense of self-worth and helps me to feel secure about my values. Assertive behavior reduces my fear and anxiety as I realize that I can get my needs met and defend myself when necessary; i do not have to approach others with the fear of being hurt or controlled. I am the ruler of my own destiny and my assertive behavior demonstrates confidence in my ability to stand up for my rights. I am learning to reinforce and validate my self-esteem in my interactions with others.



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Best Foods that Fill You Up and Boost Your Metabolism

What you’re about to read here may change the way you think about food. Yes, once you see the facts, you’ll realize that most of the products on the grocery shelves don’t fit your biology. Most of today’s dietary products are not designed to keep your body young.

The genes that regulate your biological age are highly sensitive to your diet as they’re triggered or inhibited by what you eat, how much you eat, and how often. The point is: You need to know how your diet affects your biological age. You need to know what food keeps you young and what food is making you old.
How Your Diet Affects Your Biological Age
It has been largely agreed that one of the most detrimental causes of aging is excessive calorie intake. Scientists speculate that humans have an overly strong drive to eat when food is readily available. And since people are surrounded by food they tend to consume excess calories dense food, which then cause them to gain weight, lose health, and age prematurely.

Given this, many believe that calorie restriction is the most effective strategy to get in shape and counteract aging. But the calorie restriction theory is only partly true. It can’t always predict whether you’ll gain weight or lose weight, neither can it pre dict whether you’ll get In shape or get out of shape. You can be on a low calorie diet and fail to lose weight, and you can be on a high calorie diet and yet manage to slim down.

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Taking the Radio Show to a Podcast.

This episode is focused on solution focused weight loss.

Susan Ward is the creator of “weight matters” and it is a licensed psychotherapist, a weight coach and an expert in treating weight and eating disorders.  Susan has been working with eating and weight disorder individuals for the past 25 years and has an office in La Jolla California.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH)

25% of the states have one third of all adults that are obese:  10% of all medical cause are related to obesity.  So there are 133 million people in the United States that are overweight.

The most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 65 percent of U.S. adults — or about 129.6 million people — are either overweight or obese. In addition to decreasing quality of life and increasing the risk of premature death, obesity and overweight cost the Nation an estimated $117 billion in direct medical costs and indirect costs such as lost wages due to illness.

Eat three meals a day: breakfast lunch and dinner

Personalize success plan:

thoughts generate feelings: take note of triggers.

What are the triggers that send you two eating compulsively?

We look at a set plan using healthy whole foods.

Recognize hunger, recognize fullness, the plan is flexible the plan can allow for holidays the plan can allow for events.

We are looking for Mal-adapted behaviors.

Focus on the whole person when you go to heal.

The system has to be more user-friendly.

Many people are very critical about their eating and very sensitive to failure in the focuses to be in a learning mode. We can all learn. How do I change my approach to food how do I change my approach to problem solving. We’re looking at her feelings, we’re looking at her thoughts, and we are analyzing the thoughts that come up automatically.

Quieting the little voice inside that is causing you to criticize yourself. Inside yourself you are a happy healthy person with all of the power to change.

It doesn’t matter if you failed 100 times you do it 101 times

Incorporating your spirit into a eating program is essential.

You may have tried to lose weight many times and just failed but it is very important to tell yourself that you are a child of a loving God. I can learn from this I can love myself and I can change.

This is an encouraging way of thinking and you can begin to understand how so work forward. This enables you to access your power and your joy in life. Let’s face it food was meant to be enjoyed.

Focus on foods that grow.


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Something to think about…

My attachment to the psychological com­forts that food used to give me is sometimes outside my awareness. My yearning for the earlier pleasant feelings of security creates an anxiety as I consider giving up my attach­ment to food. On a conscious level I know that food does not satisfy the yearning any longer. I must have something which takes the place of the need for food, rather than my giving up food itself. I replace this yearning with building my sense of self, with love and appreciation for my being. Although sometimes this is a difficult love, I reach within to know myself and I have confidence that the love will come. I am comfortable and secure within myself.


I release my apprehension about not getting enough food and instead fill myself with love.

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Stress Relief


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Finding the Feeling that may be causing you to Eat


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Individuals with weight/eating issues are, in general, externally motivated.  This means that the external world and the events and people in it are more valued than internal perceptions and judgments.
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Identify the Emotions That Cause Eating:

Identifying the Emotions That Lead to Overeating Can Be Confusing. By the Time That You Eat, You May Be Well Past the Original Event That Actually Leads to Overeating.  Discovering the Actual Emotion, Situation or Event Can Be like Looking for a Missing Set of Keys… Ask Yourself the Question: Where Did I Last See the Keys……. Continue reading

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Cravings send you to the kitchen, to the cookie store, to your private stash of your specialty chocolate!  If you allow them, cravings can rule your life.  You can spend the day moving from one food to another in response to the DEMAND of cravings.  Cravings also come and go.  Women can have cravings at certain times of the month in response to chemical changes- no it is not the imagination that causes women to crave substances such as chocolate- it is chemical changes. Continue reading

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The Internal Judge

ON the down side of mental machinations, this aspect is the punitive nature, the critical parent, the rigid rule keeper and taskmaster.  At it’s extreme, it is the perfectionist and black and white thinking.  There is no mercy from this aspect of the personality.  It allows rules to control the life force.  It usually joins in with the opinions of the popular group that is prevailing at the time and may take this viewpoint to the extreme. Continue reading

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