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    How Is Our Body Image Developed?

    Our sense of our body begins in infancy. Having a body and exploring our bodies is part of development. Moving and crawling and walking and jumping give us a sense of our body in space. Seeing a baby's joy at discovering what the body can do is the beginning of developing a body image. Messages about our bodies and appearance comes from our family, society and our peers. We hear about our bodies from the time we are born. If we get critical messages, we will have to repair our body image later in life. As our bodies grow and change, we perceive ourselves differently. Our view of our body as a child is different when we become a teenager. As we mature and age, our body image changes again.

    It is safe to say that defining our body image is dynamic and changes with our life experience. It is common to struggle with body image at different times of our life. The good news is that we can always come to terms with our bodies, accept our body and work on our self image to improve self esteem. It is our choice to have a healthy body image. Devoting a few minutes a day to improve your self image builds confidence and promotes a healthy self esteem. Taking the focus away from appearance to how you feel in your body and your belief in yourself as a whole person positively affects our sense of self and builds a better body image.


    Body Image
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