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    Body Image by Design

    ISIS - Integrated Self Image Systems

    A Body Image 360 Workshop.

    This workshop is designed for people who want to come to terms with their body image. Whether you have dieted and want to focus on the body image issues, currently have an eating disorder, feel compulsive about eating, or would simply like to feel better in your body, I.S.I.S. is for you. A variety of methods are utilized to acquaint you with and affirm your sense of self.
    This workshop will assist you in:

    Step 1. Defining your present body image.
    Step 2. Tuning into your internal dialogue with your body.
    Step 3. Developing positive attitudes about your body.
    Step 4. Clarifying personal movement style and the message that you send.
    Step 5. Creating a personal visualization of your best body.
    Step 6. Creating a positive dialogue between your mind and your body.


    Body Image
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